Hi! If you're reading this, you made it to my blog! First of all, welcome.  I'm super glad you're here.  I've contemplated starting a blog for years now and came up with at least a million reasons why I couldn't.  But ultimately, I wanted to, I thought I could do it, and I've always enjoyed screaming into the void of the internet. 

I use Instagram basically religiously tbh, and was really feeling like I wanted to share more.  I wanted to have a place to talk about the things I love without being restricted to a caption or keeping consistency in my grid (both of which I care about probably an embarrassing amount).  But also admitting that it gives me a lot of joy to plan a photo and write what I think is a witty caption and chat in the comments and I wanted to do more of that. I love color and theme and exploring different forms of creativity and I wanted a bigger way to celebrate that. I try to experience all of those things often,  but the big key here is that I want to know what you love too, what you celebrate, what makes you feel strong or beautiful, and how you create.

I want this to be a space to be totally honest. One of my core beliefs is that people are not just one way.  Your barista does not only make coffee- maybe she's an astrologer too. The mother you stood behind in line at the grocery store is probably a creative director. The girl killing it next to you in spin class is a jewelry designer who makes each piece she designs herself.  And they are all a million other things too.  We all are. No one is just one thing.  We are complicated contradictions all the time and that's okay. It's more than okay, it's actually like, amazing. It's my biggest hope here to share my experiences and for others to let me share theirs too.  I think all for all of the ways we're all different, we're all human and there's something to connect to in that.  I want to learn and create and talk about EVERYTHING.  I guess that's my mission here.  I just want to connect and explore all the things we are- together.


*all photos by Kanya Iwana - creative director mom in  my above example is based on her- check her out, she's amazing. 

Taylor Mikiska