Welcome to my first blog post of 2019 AND a project I’m excited to share. I took a big step back from my blog and really from sharing in general because I didn’t know what I was saying and it felt directionless. I still don’t always know what I’m saying, and I think there will still be a fair amount of word vomit around here, but this was something that for the first time in a long time I felt excited to put out. A lot of last year was wildly ungrounded for me. I spent an absurd amount of time grasping for straws when I had several full glasses all around me (no straws needed). I’ve always had a hard time following through on things. I’m a big BIG ideas person. I love conceptualizing, visualizing and dreaming, but actualizing , is usually my downfall. So, in some ways this project is to hold me accountable to see it through to completion, but in most ways, it was created to continue learning and exploring the thing that has become my biggest tool for understanding others, for finding forgiveness, and for grounding myself.





  1. the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world

I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve always been astro-curious. I was obsessed with magazines as kid would and let the anticipation build to reading my horoscope as I neared the end. I knew they were back there, but would save it like dessert after dinner. The horoscopes in my J14’s were my earliest taste of astrology. I didn’t put much into in though until I had my first chart reading a few years ago, and finding out that we don’t have just one sign, we have many, was a game changer in the way I viewed astrology. The more I learned about it, the more I learned about myself. I find myself wanting to talk about it constantly. I want to talk about which sign the moon is in today, which planets are retrograde, and how it makes me feel. Not to blame it on the planets, but to see- I am a tiny spec in this miraculous universe and the very chance of my existence makes me believe that it’s all in some way connected. That we’re all connected. All made up of the same things. Astrology has given me a new appreciation for the unknown in the stars and my part in it.

“What’s your sign?” has become a regular spring board in conversation for me. And usually when people tell me their sign it’s immediately followed by “what does that mean?” And more often than not, despite all of my astro-curiousness, I didn’t have an answer. I could occasionally rattle off some common traits. And then i’d get to googlin. I wanted to make something that felt approachable, that could capture the energy of the sign. That could dig into what’s beyond those traits, could connect what it means to be ruled by Mars. My google searches gave me a lot of super literal imagery- Leo as a Lion, Pisces as a fish. I wanted to create something that was a vibe- images created fully in the spirit of the sign from location to styling and everything in between. As I learn about each sign, I’ve fallen completely in love with all of them for entirely different reasons, even Geminis. This project is to celebrate each sign, to inspire exploration, and to keep learning.

Astrochat vol. 1 coming Wednesday 1.23.19