Astrochat: Aquarius


HELLO AND WELCOME to vol. 1 of Astrochat. I am deeply thrilled to kick off this series with one of the signs I most admire ~ Aquarius ~ Let’s cover the basics first shall we? This year, the sun entered Aquarius on January 20th, where it will remain through February 17th. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Think of fixed signs as rooted, fixated if you will, once there’s a plan they want to see it through- they’re known for sustainability, seeing the big picture and working out the details to bring the big picture to fruition. Aquarius being an air sign takes that fixed sustainability and applies it to the future. The air pushes forward. It comes in gusts and breezes, but it doesn’t look back. It sees what’s possible. The reach is limitless. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise. Uranus can represent everything strange and unexpected, mystical. Uranus connects us to our highest selves- it is future forward, but ever acknowledging what feels good right now- without restriction. With Uranus, there is no right way, no one way. It dreams everything is feasible and without consequence. Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system, and it’s moons move backwards around it (all 27 of them). It is the great ruler of all things unknown while it spins on it side. I would say expect the unexpected, but with Uranus, the unexpected can’t begin to be seen, so too for Aquarius.

Aquarius is The Water Barer, bringing life (water) and spiritual renewal to all they encounter. The water they bear washes away what’s behind us to show a clear path to what’s ahead. Aquarius as The Water Barer inspires us to see what’s possible if we remove our self imposed limitations. We know what happens when we water plants- they grow. Aquarius brings us the water to send roots into the earth and reach beyond the sun. Just because Aquarius bears water, does not make it a water sign. It doesn’t get bogged down by emotion, it is always seeing what can be done.


The Tarot card associated with Aquarius is The Star. The Star brings hope after destruction. It is purely divine and loving energy. Aquarius holds all the curveballs of Uranus and doesn’t take them personally. It looks at the unforeseen knowing that even more lies beyond. The Star in the Tarot relishes in authenticity and Aquarius is nothing, if not authentic. it can’t pretend to be anything but exactly what it is and wouldn’t want to. There is a fierce trust entirely within the self here. Divinity doesn’t exist within a vacuum for Aquarius. It is present within each individual because the divine is around us. it is us.


Trying to channel Aquarian energy? Find silver, light blue, and aqua (obvi!) colored things. If we’re talking about crystals…use moonstone to connect to your guides, intuition, and psychic abilities. Aquamarine helps open the throat chakra to keep speaking up when Aquarius can start to feel deflated and defeated. Labradorite protects the aura and pilots spiritual expansion. Reach for amber and amethyst to ground yourself when Aquarian air has your mind in a tornado-like spin cycle.


Each sign governs a body part, and for Aquarius, it’s the ankles. Aquarius stands up for those who may not stand up for themselves. To stand your ground, strong ankles are a necessity. We stand firmly planted in the feet, but the ankles support the rest of the body. During Aquarius season take extra care of the ankles.

Of all the signs, I think of Aquarius as the most purely childlike. As little little’s we have no judgement for ourselves. We sing out loud, ask for things when we want them, and play with anyone and everyone without wondering if the timing is right. As children, we are acutely aware of right and wrong, but push the boundaries to see what we can get away with. We rarely worry how we appear and delight in the things that bring us joy. We openly express anger, fear, sadness, and excitement because we don’t yet know how to hide them. Kids still feel shyness though. There are times we hide behind our parents, shrink from the voices of strangers, and play contentedly alone in our rooms. It’s all so Aquarian.

Aquarius has powerful independent energy, so much so that it can come off as detached and cold. It’s never aggressive though, it’s just fully focused on doing what feels right for them- totally unbothered. They don’t mind doing things on their own. Aquarius can spend countless hours digging into a project, bringing it to life. They are the trend setters, because they never worry about what’s cool, they just do what they please with confident ease. With Aquarius, it never seems like too much. They don’t question what everyone else is doing, because they’re too busy forging their own path. Whoever said “they march to the beat of their own drummer” was surely talking about an Aquarius. Aquarians think from a bird’s eye view- distantly- seeing the oneness in it. They see the world and believe anything is possible. They are the innovators and inventors. Aquarian energy inspires revolution, because it understands the potential of the magic we create when we work on behalf of something beyond us, while knowing that when we do the work for ourselves first, we’re better able to serve a greater good. Aquarius embraces every bit it’s of weird, eclectic, passion and never holds judgement for itself. Because Aquarius is so humanitarian minded, it doesn’t have time to punish the self, it’s holding space to give water to the world, to encourage everyone to grow. It moves without asking permission while delighting in and feeling the pleasures of each moment.


SO- HAPPY AQUARIUS SEASON BABES! Let your freak flag fllllyyyy. Get into some weird shit. Try something you thought you’d never do, or something you’ve always wanted to. Embrace all or your unique, kooky, far- out qualities. Kiss a stranger. Believe that anything is possible. That the world is worth saving and that if we pursue our truths and our purest pleasures, the world will become a better place just for that. Believe that magic is real and that it is in your veins. Glitter too- glitter is definitely in the veins of Aquarius season. Revel in your divinity because you are absolutely divine. Use this time to just DO YOU.


If you’re still reading, thank you for making it all the way here! I can’t wait to see how this develops. Let me know what you’re loving and what you could live without, and feel free to leave any questions below! You can find me here, or on instagram, where I spend far too much time, but will am more likely to respond in a timely manner lol. Tell me about your favorite Aquarians, Aquarius experiences, heartbreaks, and whatever else may come to mind, I’m here for Before I sign off, I have to give an enormous THANK YOU to the photo, hair and makeup team of my dreams- Victoria & Jamie - without whom this project would be entirely impossible. I’ve got my Aquarius inspired collage and playlist of ONLY Aquarius artists below for your additional viewing and listening pleasure. Thanks for being here. Loving you all- like an Aquarius would- distantly through the internet, but immensely all the same. Until next time…