Astrochat: Pisces


We are officially in the dreamiest Astrological Season of them all. The twelfth sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. This year, the Sun entered Pisces on February 18th. Followed by a full moon (in Virgo) on the 19th, so if you’re super swirling into the depths of your feels right now, just ride the wave, that’s what Pisces season is all about. The Sun will remain in Pisces through March 19th, so keep your tissues handy, (Pisces are all about having a good cry) and prepare to feel it all during this time.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable meaning flexible, fluid, flowing. Pisces being a water sign takes that mutability to the next level by filling any vessel it reaches with soothing, powerful water energy. For a Pisces, it isn’t hard to take shape, it just may be difficult to stay in it. That malleability allows a Piscean to have empathy in any situation.  They feel it and they feel it deeply because they’re filling the space and taking on the sensation of the vessel. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, named for the god of the sea. Neptune governs all things magical and mystical, they are the great romantic. Neptune is where we seek to get away, the good and the bad. They are the sweetest nostalgia and the drug fueled escapes. Neptune shows us our psychic abilities and greatest compassion. It is easy to go to the extremes with Neptune and even easier to want to hide from reality while Neptune’s in charge.


Pisces is symbolized by the fish. Fish don’t just exist in the water, it’s their home. Weather the waves crash or all is still, the fish keep swimming.  Pisces hold deep ocean energy. It’s that feeling of knowing how deep it is, but not knowing what’s down there- really to the bottom- that’s what Pisces hold in terms of their depth of emotion. You can’t reach the base of the ocean without going to extremes to get there, but for Pisces, that kind of extreme, that kind of depth is where they’re home. Deep in the feelings, deep in their dreaming, deep in their fantasies.

The Tarot card associated with Pisces is The Moon. Pisces and The Moon are thoroughly subconscious. The Moon represents our shadow-side and things unseen. Pisces relishes in moon energy, in the glow of a time when the Earth is quiet, in the space where we dream. Pisces holds Moon magic and Ocean magic alike.  It is immeasurably expansive. The Moon card shows our two sides, one wild one tame.  It shows water and a crustacean, our subconscious and the consciousness that comes out of it. And the Moon, full and bright above the scene.  Pisces could wildly dive into the shadow of the subconscious.  They could flit along the gleaming shore. They could sit peacefully still silhouetted in the Moon’s luster. Pisces and The Moon hold hands seeing all the ways our dreams can manifest.


If you’re looking to bring Pisces energy inward, reach for navy blue and lilac pieces. While using crystals, Pisces usually need grounding more than they need help floating away. Bloodstone will help bring you back down to earth when emotions are feeling out of control. Jade will help to keep things moving if you’re getting hung up on all of the possibilities instead of taking action. Amethyst will protect that precious spiritual energy.


The feet are the ruling body part for Pisces. During this time, pay extra attention to all the ways the feet support us, and all the ways they feel free when we swim, how they feel when we’re barefoot, toes in the sand, or the mud. Take a moment during this season to let your feet connect to the Earth. Especially for Piceans who are always looking for the escape route, rooting through the feet can re-settle you.

I think I’ve made them sound so serious, but Pisces are just fulllllyyy committed to the fantasy.  It makes them incredible collaborators, artists, and lovers. And speaking of love, no one will ever love you more deeply than a Pisces. They’ll love your whole soul, they’ll live to please you and to understand everything about the way you love too. They will continuously seek to find pleasure and find what brings you pleasure. Piceans are super super sensitive. They will really go through shit with you because if you’re close to them, they’re feeling your feels anyway. They are endlessly creative and never stop imagining.  They see creativity without barriers.  Once a Pisces sets out to create something, they won’t let anything stop them from seeing a creative endeavor through. They are visionaries who can’t be told no, because they won’t even hear it, they’re too busy hearing the vision come to life in their mind. Pisces can become addicted to the illusion, the imagination, and sometimes have a heard time settling in one place or situation because they’re wondering what else is out there.  They can come off entirely self-involved because of their obsession with seeing out their visions. Isn’t that the way of profound artists though? Where would we be without the efforts it takes to make our reveries real?


A Pisces will always tell you there’s more to explore, a deeper meaning, an unknown layer, something that if you can’t find, you can create it. Pisces energy says it’s okay to go within, to seek out your dreams, to go to the bottom of the ocean, to the Moon, to Neptune and back again. That kind of energy that lets intuition lead. That celebrates what others say isn’t possible. It is all of the sweetness of a summer day in the gentle tide with the Sun. It is all of the intensity of the deep blue storm, waves breaking, rain pouring, thunder crashing.

Also, before I wrap it up, I think I’d be remiss in omitting my experience of getting in the fucking Pacific Ocean in the middle of February for this project of mine. I just have to say, it was an unbelievable experience.  It was the closest my little water sign heart had ever felt to actually feeling like a water sign. A big part of exploring the signs through creating these posts has a lot to do with that I don’t strongly identity with my sun sign (which also happen to be my rising) I always felt like I don’t embody a lot of the classic water sign traits, but walking into the ocean, I felt wildly powerful. I didn’t get out very far, just far enough that I could go all the way under, but I could feel it in my bones. I expected to hate every second of it. I spent the whole day mentally preparing for how frigid the water was going to be.  I usually don’t even get in the ocean in the summer, so why on earth would I do this in the winter, on a windy day, as the sun was setting?!?!? I wanted the shot. But in hindsight it was definitely more than that.  I wanted to know that I could, that I was brave enough, strong enough, and to really do my honest to god best to capture the essence of Pisces season, because what is Pisces if not a blue haired girl in half a ball gown on a Malibu beach in February walking into the ocean just to feel something?

HAPPY PISCES SEASON MY LOVES! Don’t be afraid of your tears, exercise your vision, try astral projecting! Honor all of your creative pursuits and hold space for yourself to recharge from carrying the weight of everyone else’s feelings. And know that you are not alone. Let yourself drift, let yourself dream, and let yourself day drink (but only on weekends and don’t over do it) love more deeply than you ever knew was possible and feel all of the absolute bliss that comes from sharing in love with others.


Thank you thank you as always for following along in my little corner of the internet. Pisces ocean deep sized THANK YOU to my photo and glam fam Victoria and Jamie, hair color by Kasey and the Pulp Riot crew. I’m saving the Pisces playlist and collage for another post to remind you that it’s still Pisces season next week. Let me know what you’re loving, tell me all about your favorite Pisceans, your most Pisces moments, your psychic abilities and let’s celebrate it all, in true Pisces fashion, on a meditation streak in the radiance of the moon where we communicate through tears and telepathy probably. Loving you all so deeply, like a Pisces would- in a way that you feel it in your soul, trying to read your mind and making you a little uncomfortable but you kind of love it?? If you know a Pisces, you know what I mean! Love you for real for real.



Taylor Mikiska