PISCES Moodcollage & Playlist


As promised, the Pisces moodcollage and playlist below! But first, since this is my blog a I can talk as much as I want here, a little explanation… lol

The collage is made up of the mood board I build on Pinterest for the shoot that accompanies each sign. It’s the place where every one of the #astrochat posts start and one of my favorite parts of the process! I’ve always been a big collage fan. I remember the first time a binder was on my school supply list vivdly, because I couldn’t wait to make a collage from magazine cuttings to slip inside the clear plastic cover. It was 5th grade, the same year I got a locker for the first time (also a very exciting moment for me in my youth bc I love decorating shit) I’d read my magazines cover to cover two or three times and then start chopping them up and compiling my clippings all together on a clean sheet of paper. I’ve never been a fan of throwing stuff away- not because I’m a hoarder or anything, but mostly because I feel everything can have more than one use. Collaging was kind of a way to give my magazines a second life. It’s the same here. I love that my mood board exists neatly on Pinterest, and I love seeing it chopped up and mushed together here just as much. So, though it may not seem like anything monumental, these collages are a homage to my youth and are something I’m just sentimental about lol- I’m alllllll about the feelings here ya’ll, and doesn’t this make you feel Pisces Season?! If i had a binder with a clear plastic cover today, I’d surely slip this inside.


This brings me to our Pisces playlist! This is something I also usually make pretty early on in the process of planning these posts. The playlists are less about choosing songs that feel super true to the sign (though sometimes they really feel super connected!) and more about exploring musicians of the sign- in this case- Pisces musicians. I looooove finding out what celebs, artists and creators are which sign, and think it proves that no sign is a bad sign. I doubled up on some of the artists for this playlist because I had such a hard time choosing just one song from a few of them! And if you must know why I put two Justin Bieber songs from the same album on this playlist, all I can say is I can’t really defend it, I like what I like. Let me know what you’re really digging from this and if there’s anyone I missed that NEEDS to be here

So far, Pisces season has been really lovely for me. It’s been a period of following my creative ambitions, and a settling into change as a constant. I’m getting more comfortable riding the waves of my reactions and feeling out where they come from. I’m craving a tropical get-away and living for the feeling of being in warm ocean water. What’s it brought up for you so far? We’ve got just a little over two weeks left in this fantasy driven time, and I can’t wait to see how we use it.