Astrochat: Libra


Hold onto your hats, hearts, and Hermès, because we have officially entered Libra season! Virgo got us secure and settled, and now that we’ve established some order in our lives, Libra season brings us back into the balance of work and play. The Sun entered harmonious Libra on September 23 (The Fall Equinox!) and will remain there until October 23. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and it’s positioning there ushers us into a space of holding ourselves and the world around us with equal care. As the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and the portal to the Zodiac’s second half of the wheel, Libra marks the turn from focus on the self to focus on society. Libra season brings the cool breeze of autumn, and a collective sigh of relief after the planning, plotting, and precision of Virgo season. Libra energy is a little more frivolous and flirtatious in all the best ways. It asks us to get communal, to chat with strangers and gather with friends. It encourages us to have a crush and ask them out. It gives you time to consider every option and truly lean into what using your best judgment looks like. My favorite thing about Libra season is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It invites us into a space of play with lots of room for laughter and socializing. It shows us how to honor balance and how we can carry it through Libra season and beyond.

Libra is a cardinal air sign. It is super activated in its airy qualities - adaptable, as all air signs are, but with a little more movement and a little less theorizing. Libras often feel most valuable when they’re physically doing something. Not necessarily getting their hands dirty, but thriving in a state of action. To be in the presence of a Libra is like taking your first sip of a pamplemousse La Croix, bubbly, delicious; aesthetically pleasing, and you want more. They tend to enter rooms with quick gusts of inspiration and excitement. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus governs of love, money, and everything beautiful. I think the Venusian influence is the centerpiece of exploring Libra energy. Venus also rules Taurus, but its effect manifests in a much different way. Libra is sprightly and non-committal, moving quickly through trends and tastes. Always on the search for things that feel stimulating and that move them forward. Venus urges Libra to explore everything intoxicating, that’s dazzlingly wild and free. Taurus goes for a perfectly planned, carefully curated, purchase of the highest quality. Libra feels more like a shopping spree down Rodeo with a limitless amex. They both have exquisite taste; Libra’s just a little more willing to take a chance. Venus influence also gives Libra a keen eye for beauty and helps them flourish in settings where they get to show off their good taste. They make incredible artists and bring out the glamour in everything they touch. Libras are the ultimate charmers and it’s tough to stay too mad at them. Their easy-going attitude tends to rub off on everyone they encounter and the mood instantly shifts into a shimmery kind of space when Libras are around.


Libra is symbolized by the scales. Calling us into a time of ultimate balance in every area of our lives. Libras are known for being ultra fair and willing to hear and see every perspective of a situation. Actually finding balance can seem a bit vague though. During Libra season, ask yourself what balance means to you. It might mean having desert after dinner. It might mean reading instead of scrolling before bed. It might mean meeting up with friends for happy hour instead of zeroing out your inbox. Balance looks different day to day, and different for every person. My favorite thing about Libra and the scales is that there’s really no room for judgment about the way you find balance. Scales as an object don’t judge, the ego does that. Scales simply show what’s holding more weight at the moment. Scales can be tipped or perfectly equal, but they never say that there’s a right or wrong way for something to hold weight. They just let us observe which sides of us have a stronger force right now. Libra season is the same. A time of examination without judgment, without forcing a plan. A chance to investigate what is fair, what is true, what feels good, and if any of those things are purely self serving or if they’re equally good for us all. Libra season asks us to ask more questions about our own truth,  and develop a deeper relationship to our own internal scales.

The Tarot card associated with Libra is Justice. Libra’s are known for being a bit indecisive, because they want things to be fair and are very flexible about hearing people out, understanding every point of view, etc. Working with the Justice card though, calls Libra into a place of surety in their decision-making. It trusts that you know which choice is the right one. That you rely on fact and feeling equally, and that you are not swayed by outside circumstances or opinions. Justice is about stepping into a place of owning your truth, your understanding, and your knowledge. Justice asks us to get neutral. To look at a situation without an emphasis on it’s outcome. When Justice appears, it is asking us to cut through the fuss, and get to the point. There are certainly times when we need help or advice from someone else, but Justice encourages us to see that we hold the validation we’re seeking. No second-guessing, no outside sources necessary. When we can step into this, we can embody the balance of Libra on a whole new level.


If you’re trying to work a Libra color scheme into your life, go for pinks and greens. Every shade of them you can imagine, from lime to mint and fuchsia to dusty rose, Libra season is a wonderful time to embrace everything that strikes your fancy. While working with crystals during Libra season, try apatite for clarity and connection to your guides when making decisions. Reach for citrine to call in abundance, as you’re sure to be throwing a little extra money around during this time. And pink tourmaline to help you stand strong in the choices you’ve made and provide you with a little extra inspiration.


Libra’s are ruled by the kidneys and skin (the largest organ we have!) These probably seem like they don’t go together, but I assure you they do, especially when we’re relating them to Libra. The kidneys are our bodies first filtration system. Just as Libra likes to filter out junk that brings down the vibe, so too do the kidneys! You’ll often notice that Libra’s have glowing skin- this is 1. Because the kidneys are doing their job and 2. That Venusian influence again leading them to have a ten-step skin-care routine that leaves them looking lovely and glowing. When the vibes are off, and things aren’t clearing out like they should, we get to take a moment to re-balance it again. We all know that when things aren’t working well on the inside that it can manifest big time on the outside. Any time we’re in a season of strong Venus influence is a great time to check in with the ways we’re allowing ourselves to feel beautiful. Hydrating is key, but now more than ever, let yourself spend a little extra cash on products that you know your skin loves. It’s the Libra way, so just embrace it!

Libra season to me is all about embracing frivolity as an earnest matter. About looking at the things we take really seriously and asking ourselves to see them with light-heartedness. We take them seriously because there’s something we admire about them, and there are so many ways to honor what we care about without draining the fun from it. It’s about asking ourselves to really see other people. To see what makes them unique and beautiful, especially when they are entirely different from us. It asks us to hold every thought as valid and also to let it pass, to not grip too tightly. To see that there is room for everyone to flourish and grow. Libras bring so much joy to the world. They bring charm and wit and beauty everywhere they go. Libras have a way about them that keeps the peace that makes everyone feel seen and heard. They keep all conversations moving along and are delightful social butterflies. They are unafraid to disrupt a scene with something that feels totally wacky and outside of it. They do and wear and listen to what they like, and they show you why you’ll like it to. Libras are fabulous connectors, and just as Libra’s place in the zodiac brings us from an internal place to an external one, they help bring information to the masses. They bring trends from underground into the mainstream. They help make things that are uncomfortable to approach a little more palatable for the rest of us, because they see the goodness, the fairness, in keeping everyone informed and on an even playing field. Libras can explain something in a way that anyone can understand. They show us the value in inclusivity and help us celebrate it. There are no secrets in Libra season, because Libras understand the power of sharing.


During Libra season, I think it’s a great time to ask yourself if you’re always asking for second opinion OR if you never ask for a second opinion, and for just this time, do the opposite. Find the balance. If you’re constantly going to peers, parents, mentors, and even strangers (a very Libra move) and asking, “What do you think about this?” I’d really encourage you to simply not. To take matter entirely into your own hands. Rely on your own gut feelings, past experiences, and the facts of the matter to guide you in making choices. It’s one thing to simply converse about what you’re going through, but take a moment to check in with the intentions of your dialogues. While we’re in Libra season especially, it is really easy to get swept up in the chatter of the crowd, and the whispers of gossip, and feeling like you need someone outside of your own head to validate your experiences. Which, sometimes you totally do! Just take care and be willing to recognize if you’re expecting others to guide you and if you’re expecting free emotional labor. It’s up to you how you wanna get tangled up in it, but just know that you don’t have to. Conversely, if you’re someone who rarely asks questions of others, or you rely strictly on your own opinions * raises hand guiltily * start asking questions! Even if you think you know the answer, it’s okay to let someone else get involved. It may make those around you feel valued to know that you’re seeking their opinion, or that you simply respect their input. Your intuition is not going to abandon you just because you’ve decided to let another person’s energy in. It limits us to not partake in the world around us out of fear of looking out of control. Let yourself get a little swept up in the crowd, in the excitement. Take a moment to be a part of something grander than yourself. It can help you expand in ways you didn’t know were possible. Libra season calls us all into a space of community. It shows us how we can best build it, and how we can all be a little more understanding of each other.

My Libra friends are some of the people who inspire me most. They see the world as this glorious place of endless possibility, because it is. They believe everything can be made lovely with enough care and attention, because it can. I am lucky enough to have several Libras in my life who I would say have absolutely changed me for the better. They saw in me what I never would have seen in myself. They showed me that love can be easy. That it’s okay to want to feel pretty, and to stop holding on to so much guilt all the time. My Libra loves have shown me to sign through pain, that it’s perfectly fine to have ice cream before dinner, and that getting dressed up is an act of self-care. My favorite Libras showed me how to have fun in some of my darkest times, and I know my life would be less sparkly in every way without them.

And so, HAPPY LIBRA SEASON, my faire maidens!! And fair men, I guess too. But only really fair ones! I hope you use this season to hold space for everything equally. To find balance in all the ways you need it, and to honor your whims, flights, and fancies. Step into the mesmerizing, charming, magnetic being that you are and spread that everywhere you go. Don’t be afraid of the possibilities of expansion at this time, just trust yourself and see what happens. See the beauty in everything around you, and make peace with that you don’t need to hold onto something to keep it alive in you heart. Say yes when you want to; no when you need to, and let yourself get totally swept away. Flirt, feel, and fall in love for just a minute! Go on a date or ten! Allow yourself luxury without shame. Take that selfie, buy those shoes, and most importantly, have some fun. Libra season will go by in a flash, so let those winds carry you away to being your most excited self.


The BIGGEST thank you to Victoria, my photographer, and Jamie, my make-up artist. You two make these shoot every single thing I dream them to be and bring them to life in a way I never could on my own. And as always, thank you to you, person still reading, I appreciate you more than I am capable of expressing. Please keep me up to speed on all Libra related matters in your life. Tell me your favorite Libra moments and stories, and let me know of any significant Libra season related shifts. I can’t wait to hear about them! Loving you all, with every fiber or my being, until something more exciting catches my eye, like a Libra would.