Cancer Moodcollage & Playlist


I think the main thing I wanted to capture with this shoot was that “Summertime Sadness” feeling. How you feel when you listen to Lana Del Rey, or when you see Betty Draper. A warm melancholy. That sometimes it feels good to be sad? There is something inherently nostalgic about summer, and I think it’s because we experience it as a carefree time for our most developmental years. As adults, we have to find new ways to summer, but I think a lot of times we’re searching for ways to connect with the most childlike places in ourselves. I wanted to embody a lot of the joy of Cancer Season too though. The celebration of loving extra hard and not being afraid to be a little needy. I think there’s a special kind of drama about Cancer Season, that comes from so deep within, it unfurls itself like crashing waves at high tide, and I just really like that. I feel like this Cancer season, everything and everyone around me has undeniably expanded.

This playlist is packed with all the ups, downs, and deep feels of Cancer season. I highly recommend listening in order, but it’s still good if shuffling’s your vibe! Every artist here has their Sun in Cancer, and 50 Cent gets two songs because Lil Kim’s best song is with him and they are BOTH Cancers!

Let me know how you Cancer season is going! Let me know how it’s been too since we’re nearly at the end of it! I can’t wait to share all of the things it’s taught me.