Astrochat: Leo


Happy Leo Season fireflies!! Whew! What a relief, to be in this joyful, sunny, ultra-lax, creatively fertile time. Leo Season allows us to step into the spot light, take up space, prowl around, and get all the r&r we deserve. The Sun entered lavish Leo on July 22 and will remain there through August 22. Leo is one of the warmest energies of the Zodiac. Leo Season asks us to examine our loyalties, and strengthen them. It tells us it’s okay to want attention, and even better to ask for it directly. It encourages gift giving, pampering yourself and others, and soaking up all of the light around you. This time gives us space to come back to the surface from those emotional depths we’ve been swimming in, and soak up some sun instead. Sometime’s a surface perspective is just what we need to remind ourselves that we actually enjoy the process of our creative pursuits. Leo season doesn’t keep us in a surface state of mind, but gives us room to re-kindle the fire of our most inspired ideas. It is a time to reward ourselves for the hard work we’re constantly engaging in, and take a big long nap in the middle of the day when we need it. It’s a time to answer primal calls and let yourself explore them. Leo Season wants us to celebrate all that we are, exactly as we are, wherever we are.

Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are known for being committed, and Leo is no exception. Leos are known for their undying loyalty. When they commit to you, they mean it, and they expect it in return. Where Leo’s fire starts to show here though, is that when they cut you off, they also mean it. Leo’s rarely do second chances, and don’t have space in their lives for playing the fool. They like to glow extra bright but also like things to feel effortless, so don’t anticipate a Leo to wait on the sidelines while you figure out what you want from them. They take their time and who they spend it with very seriously, so if you aren’t giving them exactly what they need, expect to be left in the dust. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which often leads them to believe they are at the center of everyone’s solar system (and sometimes they totally are!) Like the Sun, Leo loves to shine down on everyone around them. It gives them life to give life to creative projects and lead people to grow into the best versions of themselves. Also like the Sun, Leo’s are unconcerned about what you think of them. They trust their radiance regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Leo’s are natural-born leaders, who rely on living as an example rather than explaining things over and over. And though they can sometimes confuse being ruled by the Sun and actually being the Sun, they are reasonable enough to admit when their ego has gotten the best of them. Because as much as they love to be the big star, they love even more to have those they love shine right alongside them.


Leo is symbolized by the lion, and of all Zodiac symbols, I think Leo embodies theirs most. The big cat, kings and queens of the jungle, rulers of everything the light touches. Leo’s love to survey the scene from far above it all, able to decipher their own, and anyone else’s next move.They’re not necessarily big plotters. They just like to be caught up on whatever’s the latest, so they can always be ahead of it. Leo’s enjoy a good long lounge in patch of sun just like any other cat. They like to relax when the day’s work is done, and they like to be totally surrounded by the rest of their pack. As much as Leo’s enjoy being center stage, they equally enjoy being nestled at home with their families. Leo’s (like Cancers) love to take care of people. They are your biggest cheerleaders, and not much into holding grudges. Leo’s keep things light when situations start to get intense. They’ll be the first to break an awkward silence with a laugh, and know that life is sometimes meant to be simply enjoyed.

The Tarot card associated with Leo is Strength. The Strength card calls us to examine our animal instincts, and align them with our true inner knowing. Strength is represented by a noble lion held by a gentle guide (representing our guardian angels). It shows us that when Leos are at their best, they are both in tune with their innate tendencies, connected to life and nature around them, and able to protect and guide others through treacherous situations. Strength usually shows up when we’re being asked to jungle a lot of action while maintaining our composure. Leos are masters at balancing confidence and compassion, stamina and serenity. While making choices, Leo’s are known for going with their gut. They don’t ask for second opinions, and usually know off the bat what will work and what won’t. Strength reminds them to consider instinct and intuition as two separate forces that hold hands and softly nudge you in the right direction. There is an element of courage to the Strength card, and for Leo’s, sometimes showing vulnerability and understanding is the most courageous thing they can do.


If you’re working to embody Leo energy, reach for rich, royal colors and textures. Fiery orange, deep purple, and glittering gold. Go for texture, volume, and drama. To call in Leo fire with your crystals, try carnelian (one of my favorites!) to connect deeply with your physical self and tune into what your body needs. Carnelian is basically Leo in crystal form. Reach for citrine to manifest extra fertility and abundance, during this already plentiful season. Don’t forget to reconnect to spirit as well. it’s easy to get caught up in the flare of Leo Season, but peridot, August’s birthstone, can restore calm and give us the healing we seek when the flames get too hot.


Leo’s are ruled by some of the most important parts of the body- the heart and the spine. Leo’s are known for having big big hearts. They are ultra generous and love to make others feel adored, validated, and appreciated. Leo’s are also known though for coming off a bit arrogant or intimidating with their perfect posture, chest puffed out and all. They lead with their hearts mentally, and physically. Leo’s are not known for being irrational or overly emotional, but they bring a healthy dose of pride and passion to everything their heart leads them to explore. In matters of romance, they can sometimes come off as high maintenance or selfish, when really they just love themselves enough that they don’t want to waste time playing games. They stand behind their actions, and take responsibility for anything they’re involved in. Leo season can be an enormous time for reconnecting to our own hearts and finding truth in the heart of the matter in each of our lives. It encourages us all to stand a little taller, follow our desires, and let our hearts guide the way to making our dreams reality.

I often think of Leo’s in two camps that ultimately merge into one lol. There’s the kind of Leo that is always center stage. That has to be the center of attention. That will not tolerate being ignored for any reason at all. They may have quick tempers, but it’s hot and fast, and the fury doesn’t last long. They are in an endless pursuit of their creative destiny. Self expression is like oxygen for this kind of Leo, and life without it isn’t fully living at all. They are naturally good at nearly every thing they do, and they get what they want without having to put up much of a fight for it. They are loud, and gloriously over the top. They are easily magnetic. They love with every piece of their being and their passion is palpable. It’s the kind of passion that has so much joy attached to it that everything they produce glows. And then, there’s the kind of Leo that slyly observes the world around them unfold, even though they are certain they already know what’s going to happen. They are never caught off guard and they always land on their feet. They don’t have to command things, they don’t lose their tempers, but you want them to like you. You don’t know why, but you know they’re in charge. These Leo’s are the ones you look to for sound advice and extra tenderness wrapped up in the same package. When you have their attention, you feel like the whole world is on your side. It’s a different kind of drama- the royal kind. These Leo’s know their worth and add tax always. I think ultimately, all Leo’s have all of these qualities, it just depends on the time of day you catch them. Above all though, I think Leo’s are like cats and that’s why it’s a sign that is so often depicted hyper-realistically. Cats, big and small, are born hunters who do things on their own terms. My favorite thing about cats is that they aren’t affectionate with you unless they realllllly want to be. Cat’s are choosy, they don’t just run around wagging their tails and licking anything that gives them the time of day. Leo’s are the same. You know when a Leo stays in your life, it’s because they’ve chosen you, and there’s something really magical about that.


Leo’s show us that we can have it all. That we deserve to have abundance, and ease, and joy, every single day. We deserve to have attention too! Leo season brings us a time to ask for the things we want, but to be extra clear on the why. Not just wanting for the sake of having more, but wanting things that feed our souls. Wanting so we have extra to share. Though this time can call in a lot of focus on self importance and making things about us as individuals, it’s also about how we as individuals can see the light in others. It gives us room to celebrate our own unique gifts, and encourage the gifts we see in our friends and loved ones. To find how my light can shine on yours and how we can keep passing it on. It’s a time to come out of our shells, collectively, and to find celebration in the journey of expansion.

When I think about the Leo’s I know personally, and every time I write one of these posts, I’m always humbled and reminded that the same Sun Sign comes in 10,000 different flavors. Three out of seven of my immediate family members are Leo’s, and they could not be more different from one another. They are all cat-like in multiple ways though, so I can confidently stand behind the cat comparison. And something they all definitely have in common is compassion. They each bring different levels of fire, but they are each more generous than I can fathom at times. They have so much pride in their work and can see the good first in anyone they come in contact with. They’re open hearted, trusting, and just want us all to be together and get along. They are some of the most sentimental people I know, and small gestures do not go unnoticed by them. They are the most thoughtful gift givers, and would never show up to a party empty handed. I know Leo’s are known for their pomp and circumstance, but the Leo’s I know personally, balance that with dedicated craftsmanship and genuine devotion. It’s not about a big show, it’s about creating, sharing, and inspiring others to take up that kind of space too.

And so, HAPPY LEO SEASON, SUNSHINES!!!! I hope you let every single good vibration wash completely over you continuously throughout this time. I hope you find yourselves feeling a little elavted, acknowledging your strengths and gifts and praising what you see in the people around you. Say yes to every party invitation, buy someone an unexpected gift, and buy one for yourself too! Let yourself be wildly dramatic. Wear whatever you want, the bolder the better. Say a big loud, “FuCk YoOoUuUu” to anyone who tries to dull your shine, and once you’ve gotten it out, walk away unbothered by their pettiness. Let not just your heart, but your whole entire body lead the way this Leo Season. It knows what it wants, so feed it well, listen to it well, let it explore and let it be free. Fire sign seasons are all about new levels of freedom and ascension. Use this time to level UP and don’t look back. You’re entering a new realm of your own creation baby! And it’s a blast every step of the way.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Victoria, my visionary photographer, Jamie, my LEO QUEEN make-up artist, and Maggie, my beloved hairstylist. We shot this on the same day as Cancer, and this team never ceases to amaze me with their adaptability and mad skills. Thank you as always, to YOU, dear reader. I appreciate you more than I can express. I hope this season brings everything you’ve been manifesting directly into your lap. Let me know about all things Leo related happening in your lives! Your favorite Leo’s, where it is in your chart, your most Leo moments, and everything in between. Leo playlist coming soon! Loving you all always, and loving myself equally, like a Leo would.