Leo Moodcollage & Playlist


Leo Season has been wiiiilllldd so far for me, and not really the good kind. I had anticipated a smooth sailing mercury retrograde, but the last 4 days of it had me reeling. I’m hoping the Leo New Moon sealed that all up and cleared it out. I’m not feeling 100% ready to dive back in headfirst, but I am feeling some comfort in trusting the current pace at which I’m moving.

I realized the past few days that par of a big Leo Mood, is actually resting. Cats sleep most of the day. They are for the most part, unbothered with things that do not directly involve them. I’m trying to keep that in mind as I go through the rest of this season.

The Leo Mood I referenced for my shoot I realized in hindsight, was also relatively unbothered, but not disconnected. It’s playful and restful at the same time. It’s a quiet confidence. An ease in taking charge. It’s showy in a way that seems so natural, as if you were born with glitter in your veins.

The playlist is another story though lol. Of all the Astrology playlists I’ve made, it’s the one that’s made the least sense to me, but it’s a lot of fun. Classic rock, booty shakin bangers, and a couple slow jams for good measure. I’m not totally certain it’s a big Leo mood, but it is ALL Leo artists. Let me know if I missed any of your faves. Happy listening and Happy Leo Season!!